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Immigration Survey Assignment:

1.  Select a partner or decide to work alone.

2.  One of you must sign up for a free account at Survey Monkey.

3.  Create a 7-15 question survey on the topic of immigration. 

a.  Check out some survey guidelines.  Remember to make sure that your questions do not suggest an answer and are written clearly in everyday English.

b.  Identify the purpose of your survey.  If you’re only interested in what high school students think about immigration, design questions that are appropriate for high school students. 

c.  You need to have at least 100 people take this survey.  Think about how you will conduct this survey: e-mail, post on a blog, word or mouth, bug your friends/family/teachers? 

d.  Think about accuracy: make sure that you have a random sample.

4.  Conduct the survey.  100 people must take the survey.  Post the link to your survey as a comment to this post, and we can all take your survey. 

5.  Report your finding:  you can download all of the data once the survey is conducted.  Prepare a presentation for the class with visuals to report your data.  Your presentation can be in PowerPoint, Thumstacks (a free on-line version of PowerPoint), or another method that you and your partner select.

Due: 9/17/07

Value: 100 points

Grading will be based on:

20% -in-class work

30% -quality of your questions

20% -survey method: validity/reliability

20%  -presentation

10% -creativity in your approach

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